´┐╝MegoBang is an online C2C platform which foucses on international education service market. This product aims at connecting the domestic applicants with oversea students directly for them to exchange recources and increase admission rate.


8 weeks, 2015

My role

UX | UI Designer


Hong Kong

Introducing "MegoBang"

MegoBang is an online C2C platform which foucses on providing customized service to the Chinese students who plan to study abroad.
The asymmetric information issue has always been a huge pain point for the applicants. They suffer from the insufficient application information due to geographic, cultural and knowledge barriers.
By connecting the applicants with the oversea students directly, this platform creates a shared communication channel for the applicants to know more first-hand information of their dream schools and learn the expereicne from the successful applicants who will help them make better desicions and increase the opportunities to be admitted by their ideal universities.

How it works?

Sketch & Wireframe

Sketching was used to ideate and test the basic concepts of how the app will work in user interface form. This is for understanding what the users will see on each screen that will lead them to the desired results. These sketches were critical to create detailed wireframe accordingly, which made it easier when I moved into the visual mockup stage.

User interface

After several rounds of iterations, these are the key interfaces which visualize the primary features of MegoBang. This Hi-Fi prototype carried out most of the design guidelines created from the previous sketches and wireframe. And a smooth user interaction journey was demonstrated through a live prototype as follow.

Live prototype

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